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                                   Toshiba HD DVD Player Firmware Upgrades (HD-A1/XA1, HD-A2)  

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Toshiba HD DVD

NOTE: The latest firmware for Toshiba's HD-X/A1, HD-X/A2/D2, HD-A3, HD-A20, HD-A30 and HD-A35 HD DVD players can be downloaded directly from Toshiba's servers here. The firmware files below are older versions of this firmware made available for those wishing to revert to previous firmware versions in the event of a firmware conflict or DVI-HDCP incompatibility.

These ISO/NRG files contain the HD-XA1/HD-A1/HD-D1 2.0 and HD-A2/A2W/D2 1.2/1.3 firmware upgrades for Toshiba's first-generation HD-A1, HD-D1 and HD-XA1, and second-generation HD-XA2, HD-A2, HD-A2W and HD-D2 HD DVD players. I have provided an NRG file for Nero users, but recommend all users (including those with Nero) use the ISO file.




HD-A1/XA1/D1 Firmware 2.0 ISO:   

Download Toshiba HD-A1 2.0 Firmware ISO

Confrimed as working by users.


HD-A1/XA1/D1 Firmware 2.0 NRG:   

Download Toshiba HD-A1 2.0 Firmware NRG

Confrimed as working by users.




HD-A2/A2W/D2 Firmware 1.2 ISO (Canadian models):  

Download Toshiba HD-A2 1.2 Firmware ISO (Canada)

Confrimed as working by users.


HD-A2/A2W/D2 Firmware 1.2 ISO (USA models):  

Download Toshiba HD-A2 1.2 Firmware ISO (USA)

Confrimed as working by users.


HD-A2/A2W/D2 Firmware 1.3 ISO (USA models):  

Download Toshiba HD-A2 1.3 Firmware ISO (USA)

Confrimed as working by users.




HD-XA2 Firmware 1.3 ISO (USA models):  

Download Toshiba HD-XA2 1.3 Firmware ISO (USA)



What Does This Firmware Do?

These are cumulative upgrades, and include all features and enhancements included in previous firmware upgrades. These firmware upgrades add the following functionality:

HD-XA1/A1/D1 Firmware 2.0

  • Support for 6-channel Dolby TrueHD soundtracks
  • Improved playback when set to 720p output
  • Enhanced interactivity support
  • Improved HDMI and DVI (HDCP handshake) connectivity

HD-A2/A2W/D2 Firmware 1.2 (NOTE: This firmware MUST NOT be used with the HD-XA2!)

  • Improved HDMI and DVI (HDCP handshake) connectivity
  • Improved DVI playback
  • Improved HD DVD playback (reduced pixelation, block noise, dropouts) and disc compatibility
  • Faster player boot and disc recognition
  • Chroma upsampling, white crush and blacker than black errors fixed



These are image files (that is, they contain the complete structure of the original Toshiba-sourced upgrade CD-ROM), and should be burned using software that supports image burning (Nero Burning ROM and Express for NRG and ISO, and most other burning software for ISO). Unzip your chosen file then burn by selecting your software's 'burn image, NRG or ISO image file' option.

For Windows XP SP2 and Server 2003 users without an ISO burning application, follow these instructions:

  1. Download and install ISO Recorder (360KB).
  2. Load a blank CD-ROM into your burner.
  3. Browse to the ISO file on your computer using Windows Explorer.
  4. Right-click the ISO file.
  5. Select 'Copy Image to CD'. The application will start.
  6. Click the 'Next' button. The image will be burnt and the CD-ROM ejected. Done.

Once burned, insert the disc into the HD DVD player with a monitor or display device attached and on. An onscreen message will ask you to confirm that you wish to upgrade; use the player's remote control to select 'Yes' and the update process will begin. The player update may take up to 15 minutes. The progress of the update will be displayed on the player's front LCD display.


At the completion of the update, the disc tray will open and the player will power down. Remove the disc and restart the player. Your firmware is now upgraded.

Upgrade Does Not Work

If the upgrade does not complete successfully, check the following:

  • Ensure the CD-ROM has been burnt as an image, not simply dragged onto the disc as a raw file and recorded.

NOTE: If the disc image has been burnt correctly, you will not see any files when viewing the burnt disc through Windows Explorer: it will appear to be a blank CD-ROM. If you see an ISO file on the CD-ROM, the image has not been burnt correctly and the upgrade will fail.

  • Burn the image to another CD-ROM and try again.
  • Burn at a slower speed (2-8x).
  • Use a different brand of CD-ROM media (always use high quality, unmarked, unscratched media).
  • Take the CD-ROM straight from the disc burner to the player, avoiding scratches to the disc.
  • Burn only to CD-ROM, burning to DVD will not work.
  • If your player freezes during the update, hard reboot it. It will revert to its installed firmware version.


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